History of our building

It was decided in 1845, at a meeting held in the vestry of the Parish Church of St. Michael, to build a new church to serve the hamlet of Charlestown. The resolution was sent to higher authorities with the result that an Order in Council was issued from Buckingham Palace on the 6th March 1846, which authorised the establishment of the new parish and defined its boundaries.

In January, 1847, another meeting at the Parish Church  gave the task of collecting the necessary money to the  Rev. C.T.Quirk. He was a curate at the Parish Church who was already working in a mission room in Charlestown and was destined to become the first incumbent of the new church.

The first plans were drawn up but were considered too costly. A modified version submitted by Manchester architects Messrs. Dickson and Breakspeare, for a brick building with stone cornerings and no tower, was finally accepted.

In 2014, a 3-phase restoration project for Christ Church was kickstarted with monies from the Heritage Lottery Trust and has already brought about a radical, positive change in both the exterior and interior of the building. Work is ongoing and we expect to see our church become a hub for both church-goers and those interested in local heritage in the near future. We are working on some very exciting projects and we hope Ashton-under-Lyne will be pleased with what we have achieved.