Funeral Services

Our ministers see it as a privilege to be asked to preside over somebody's funeral, and will work with you to craft a funeral that is both faithful to what Christian people believe about a funeral and appropriate for your loved one.


It can be hard to decide whether to have a service in church or not, especially if the person who has died was not a churchgoer. But our church is a place for everybody who wants to be here, so somebody not being a regular churchgoer shouldn't stop you asking for a church funeral, if that's what you think is the right thing to do.


The main advantage of coming into church is that there is a lot more time available for the service, so more opportunity to have readings, music and time to reflect. We are happy to discuss with you the appropriateness of favourite music and readings that aren't specifically Christian. We try to take as flexible an approach as we can, though our ministers always need to remember their responsibility to God as Christian ministers as well as to your family. So they may not be able to agree to every request.


If the service is held at the crematorium or cemetery, our ministers are still pleased to be asked to take the funeral of anybody who lived in Christ Church parish or had a connection here, and will do their best to be available, though this is always more likely if there is some flexibility over the date and time of the service.


If you want to hold your loved one's funeral at Christ Church, or have one of our ministers take the service at the crematorium or cemetery, you should first contact your chosen funeral director, and let them know. They will then contact us and make the arrangements on your behalf. They will also be able to advise you on the cost of the service. We will then contact you to arrange to meet with you.