Frequently Asked Questions

What if one of us is not a British citizen?

That doesn't necessarily mean that you can't marry here, but a different legal process applies. Please phone the Parish Office (0161 330 1601) and somebody will be able to advise you further.


What if we have been divorced or in a civil partnership?

We believe, being faithful to how we read the Bible, that marriage should be for life. But we know that sometimes, despite the best of intentions, things don't work out as people want them to. So we do remarry people who have been married or in a civil partnership once before. 


There are some things that the minister who would be marrying you will want to discuss with you both before agreeing, though. We try to make this as non-intrusive as possible, but, following Church of England guidelines, we need to be sure that your current relationship was not responsible for the breakdown of any previous marriage or civil partnership, that your responsibilities to any children and a previous partner have been honoured, and that you have learned things from a difficult experience that will make going into marriage again a more positive one that stands every chance of being lifelong.


We will also ask you to bring your Decree Absolute (not Decree Nisi) when you come to book your wedding.


If you have been married or in a civil partnership more than once before, we are really sorry but that will mean you can't marry here.